[Want breeded delta larvesta and delta bulbasaur]

Trading Name: Vendarkius

Offer: 2 or 3 iv stones

Request: Delta volcarona (Modest or timid nature) which ability do u think fits it the best?

  • Dark pulse
  • sludge wave
  • Whatever seems fit (don’t know much about this pokemon)

Delta bulbasaur (Modest nature) More of a tank, Ability doesn’t matter

  • Moon blast
  • Psychic
  • ^Only those two moves matter Further info: Im gonna try to beat this game on hard mode and these two are a part of my team so it would be greatly appreciated if someone could breed these for me, since i don’t know jack about breeding

It only has one non-HA and that is Levitate. Its HA is Absolution, basically the New Moon version of Solar Power (Sp. Atk x1.5 in intense darkness). Levitate in my opinion trumps Absolution because it makes Volcarona immune to its only weakness: ground. While it doesn’t have an excellent defense and sp. def, this helps its survivability (along with its armor) and also doesn’t require you to depend on New Moon, freeing your move slot for something else.

Anyway, I can trade you a 5IV modest/timid (I can do both) D. Larvesta and Modest D. Bulbasaur if you’d like.

are u online now?

Yes, but I’ll take a while to breed out a 5IV Larvesta and Bulbasaur.

are u on discord?

Yeah. I’m IcePrime #2382

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