Want a Delta Venusaur

Trading Name: Gavin

Offer: Lucario, delta gallade

Request: Delta Venusaur

Further info:

Sure, I can get you a delta venu. Give me about a day or so. Pretty much the same speal as per the delta serp.

ok thanks

Ready with both whenever. Trading Username is XanderTheMerc19.

hey sorry I was busy. Can you do it tomorrow at 5:30

Errr…I’ll see what I can do. I am PST (Pacific Standard Time).

Hey if your still on i can do it now

Errr…ok. I’ll get on then.

my trading name is Gavin

You on?

ya i am

sorry i was typing your name wrong

oh crap sorry my trading name is ASU4LIFE

Fairly certain that you are on your other registered trading name.

yep. -_-

what keeps happening

idk tbh.

do you want to keep trying or just try again tomorrow

Let’s try one more time, and if not, we can try tomorrow.

I guess we can try again tomorrow then…