Want a Delta Chinchou to complete Pokedex

Trading Name: GalaxyDx

Offer: Every other pokemon except D.Sunkern and D.Munchlax

Request:Delta Chinchou

Further info:For some reason, the hidden grotto that have these three pokemon don’t reset, so i want to trade them to quickly complete my dex. It’s much better if u can trade me D.Sunkern and D.Munchlax too

Would you be willing to trade for IV stones? I can get you all 3 for 2 IV stones

(P.S ikr, isn’t that so annoying! half of my hidden grottoes have been rendered useless for no reason, and no one has any answers for how to fix it either :(( )

I’m having the same problem with hidden grottoes not reseting. fortunately not that one because I want a shiny zorua (Zoroark) and that’s the only way I’ll be able to get one… (besides pokepon but this one is waaay to hard)

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Deal, when can we trade

i’m actually on now, but I don’t have all the eggs ready. would u be good in 10 m?

It’s 10 min already, u ready

lol I forgot snorlax takes so long to hatch. We can try trading eggs if ur willing but it usually doesn’t work for me so that’s why I was trying to hatch them

Can u use hatching guy in vipik city too speed it up

yeah I guess I could, I just usually don’t like to cuz i don’t wanna grind sonata tracks

Thank bro

k got it, im getting the other mons now

ready and online. trade names hulaunicorns, lmk when ur ready

yes I’m done

Just tell me when u done so we can trade them

hey im ready and online, just lmk

Something wrong

lol try again

Okay it worked

request again?

yay it worked! thanks man

Thanks bro

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