Want 2 Delta starters

Trading Name: WhiteShaduwNL Offer: Delta bulbasaur Request: Delta Squirtle and Delta Charmander Further info: I want to complete the pokedex there I need Delta Squirtle and Delta Charmander for.

you could get one in telnor town after you beat the league once, just talk to professor sylvan and you get the second in the dream realm, AFTER the league rematches, which requires you to do an post extensive storyline that takes over 10+ hours of your time

had eevee as starter. Did get delta bulbasaur after I beat the professor. And becase of some kind of bug I didnt get the charmander not from Damian.

did u have a full party when u talked to damian??

yea, I did.

welp rip the delta charmander, it’s a known bug when talking to damian with a full party, the delta starter will be lost

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