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Very slow menu and selection time

I don’t know how I should formulate it but for example if I want to go to my pocket during a fight and use the pokeball it goes slow-mo till everything is selected. Or if I want to escape a fight it takes like 5 sec or so till I am on the world map again. I hope someone understands what I mean. It isn’t much but its really infuriating by the time. The game elsewhere is smooth except these parts. Anyone can help?

happened to me too. dunno how to fix it but try messing with the options and putting everything to fast, thats what i did anyways lol

Gotta try it out

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Well the only option to make something more fast is the text but that doesn’t change anything. Any other way?

try pressing m it fast forwards the game

It’s still the same slow speed when menu changing

oh, then unfortunatley i dont know what can help you. sorry