Update Help?

Is there a way I can update my game without redownloading the entire thing over again? I have the launcher, and version, I just can’t figure out how exactly to update…

Another topic thread had the simple answer that was literally just “hurr just tell your launcher to update” but never explained how exactly?? It doesn’t help that I keep getting errors popping up loading the forum and when loading the launcher.

There isn’t a patcher yet, so you gotta download the new core.

So your previous answer of “Tell the launcher to update. If it can’t, unzip the core and open the app” was utter bullshit? Good to know.

So is there no way whatsoever to update this thing without redownloading the entire thing over again? Because the download is literally estimated to 10 hours on my laptop, and I’m not dealing with that waste of time.

You can try to download faster by seeding it with a torrent. Instructions are on the discord. I didn’t go into detail on how to update the launcher because I never used it personally. Also “upzip the core and open the app” is basically the same thing as downloading the new core.

Since “unzip the core and open the app” seems to equal “wait literally 10 hours to download the entire thing over again” then I’m good, thanks. I don’t see a point in wasting that much time on a game.

If anyone knows an easier way, I’d greatly appreciate it. That aside, guess I’ll have to live without it.

well, it took me 5 minutes to download it with a torrent, so you should try that

As I said, you can try the torrent. Detailed instructions are all over the discord in announcements or pinned messages.

I’ll look into torrent I suppose, since it seems to be the only option aside from waiting 10+ hours. Thanks you.