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Unneeded pokemon for trade before Post game

Trading Name: DrakeH2031

Offer: D. Ralts (Female) and Some other pokemon that are lv 80+ before post game


Further info: Donno about natures and stuff. May be bad or good.

do you have a delta pawniard/bisharp?

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Yes. If you want, I will add the mega stone as well.

I have a D. Bisharp.

If you are interested, I will be online in 3 hrs.

wow that’d be great! i’ll be on in 3 hours too then

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Two questions. One: Do you want the Mega stone
Two: Can you give me an iv stone? If not, np.

i don’t need the mega stone and i have an iv stone

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is it good nature/ev/iv?

I do not know. I will give you a picture in a while and you decide. I thought you wanted it for the dex.

ok i’ll take it, do you want to trade right now

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Sorry. I am on rn if you can.

ok getting on

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Ok. in a min.

user is protectscroll

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Ok. I am on now.

I am lagging a lot. So hang on

oops sorry. Actually, my name is DrakeH2031.

I sent you the req