Two ingame bugs

  1. I was against AI’s pokemon© with my pokemon A, The Ai changed to another pokemon(D), and so did i to a pokemon B. I killed his pokemon and he changed to his first pokemon©. I killed that too, but my pokemon A didnt got the experience. Basically my pokemon A faced enemy pokemon C, but he didnt get the exp.

  2. Against AI, my pokemon died from his pokemon, i changed to another of my pokemons, and i got an extra attack from AI, before getting the option to choose moves. Basically, it was like i changed pokemon in the middle of a fight, but that wasnt the case. I was forced to change after my poke died, and got an extra attack that shouldnt happen.

  3. When i created the ing character, if i switched to my money/badge table, my player was bold :smiley: dunno why, some glitch prob

Thank you for finding these bugs, if you want to bring them to the attention of the developers you can report them here

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The first isn’t a bug, for the record. It has always been that way even in the core series games.