True_DK Trading and Dojo

Trading Name: True_DK

Offer: IV Stones,Heart Scales, and Training Services

Request: Baby Pokes, Delta Starters(Preferably New Ones), Shinies, Mega Stones, PP Up/Max

Further info: Training Services such as EV Training, Move Relearner, and Speed Leveling

Replies usually After 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time Zone on Friday-Mon And Anytime on Tues-Thurs

I have a lucky egg but i don’t know how to trade items lol

And mega stones for pokemons i won’t even use.

just trade a pokemon holding the item :blush:

Oh thanks

So what you need for said lucky egg and/or mega stones

what baby pokemon do you want I can provide egg moves, I’ll try my best to get them for some Iv Stones

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actually the heartscales and/or iv stones

Sorry for late reply was at work

@chinmay453 and @Nathan12

Surprise me on the baby pokes I like to train them up i’m my free time so it doesn’t matter and I’m new to trading on Insurgence so I don’t know the value of anything yet. So what’s fair?


Sure what sounds like a fair trade?

So nothing really specific, do you want ivs?

If you want to but not a necessity.

I have a lucky egg, Gothitite, cacturnite, Altarianite, Ampharosite, Delta Bisharpite, Delta Galladite, Delta Gardevoirite, Mawalite, Pidgeotiite and Salamencite

(I can trade you a togepi with psycho shift and extrasensory), (a muchlax with zen headbutt and belch,) (riolu with high jump kick and sky uppercut), (happiny with with seismic toss or counter),( mime jr with trick and future sight or charm and healing wish or future sight, hypnosis and nasty plot), (bonsly with self destruct, roll out, stealth rock and defense curl or harden, headbutt, sand tomb and stealth rock),( Budew with leaf storm, giga drain ,razor leaf and synthesis.), (Magby with thunder punch and iron tail or cross chop, dynamic punch and focus energy) (Elekid with cross chop, dynamic punch and karate karate chop or focus punch, dynamic punch and hammer arm) (Tyrogue with the choices of bullet punch, high jump kick, endure, mach punch, pursuit and vacuum wave) (Pichu with thunder punch, volt tackle and charge)

If you want any other egg moves on any of the baby pokemon that i have or have not written here feel free to ask. :grinning:

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Budew with Giga Drain

Magby with Thunder Punch and Iron Tail

2 IV Stones for each so 4 in all if that’s good


Elekid would be nice

for 2 IV Stones


Lucky Egg and Gothitite

1 IV Stones or 3 Heart Scales for each

So for the Lucky egg, IV Stone and the Gothitite will be 3 Heart scales

(If i’m wrong) if I actually have to choose between those then 3 heart scales

And btw. Is it okay if I trade it with bad pokemon? You only need the items anyways

Ok 1 IV Stone and 3 Heart Scales is a deal then let me catch some junks for you and set them up for you and I don’t mind if they are bad.

Alright. We’ll trade 4 pokemons (am I right?) you can choose another mega stone if u want

Its cool a deals a deal just let me setup my stuff just got a new laptop and transfering my saves over