Transferring save data issue

I got a laptop yesterday, so I tried transferring my save data from my computer to my laptop but whenever I start the game, no save show while in the data folder all my old save files are there.

The save data goes in a separate folder from the game proper. The location should be C:\Users\[Insert Username]\Saved Games\Pokemon Insurgence.

See here for more detail.

The save data was in a different folder from the game,

Your screenshot shows it as being in a sub-folder of the Core folder you downloaded, though.

Can you please explain step by step to me?

Sure. There are two distinct locations of importance with this game. There is the folder containing the game itself; that will just be wherever you put it after downloading it, and it contains all of the data relevant to running the game. The other location is where the save files are kept. That is automatically generated when you either start up the game or make a safe file; I’m not sure which.

This save file folder is where you want to store your save files, not the game folder. To find the save folder, you want to go into your file explorer and click on Local Disk (C:). This should have things like Users, Program Files, and Program File (x86) in it. Click on Users. This folder is divided into folders for the various user accounts you have on your laptop. Whichever account you were on when downloading the game, that’s where you click.

Next, you’ll see a bunch of folders like Contacts, Music, Pictures, Documents and the like. Among these folders is one called “Saved Games”. Click on that. It should have a folder for Pokemon Insurgence. This is the automatically-generated save folder. Copy the save files you placed in the Data folder and paste them here.

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My laptop is extracting pokemon insurgence from another sub folder called pokemon insurgence 1.2.3 core to send to saved games

The 1.2.3 Core folder is the general game folder and where the game itself is located. I’m not really sure why anything would be extracted, since I think that’s supposed to occur when you open zip files. Was that just a response to copy-pasting the rxdata files?

No, it’s to allow to the game to turn on

The game is being extracted because his file structure suggest he hasn’t unzipped the game which causes more then a few problems. Just make sure your saves make there way to
%userprofile%/Saved Games/Pokemon Insurgence
after you have extracted the whole core folder and it should be fine

Thank it now works.

No problem. Have a good day!