(Transaction completed) Shiny Metang (Again), EAO

Trading Name: Icyrosyseal

Offer: Shiny Metang

Request: Entertaining All Offers

Further info: Hey again! About three hours ago I found and traded away a shiny Metang while I was looking for a shiny Karrablast (That isn’t what I’m requesting, this hunt is something personal for me), then continued looking. Right now, I’ve just found another shiny Metang. Considering how quickly the first one got taken, I figured this would be a good place to offer the new one (Don’t really want my legacy to be the Metang dealer, but what can ya do?). As stated above, I’ll be entertaining all offers. Thanks for reading!


What would u want @Hermione , unfortunately I don’t have any shinies to give ya, can only give iv stones

Hey again GiaPeNiw! I’m very sorry to disappoint, but after a long grinding session in the challenge championship I’ve gathered 80 stones already. Again, I’m really sorry!

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Also, lmao , your luck…

Oh damn, gg, I have like 100 lol

Well, wdyw? I could go for shiny metang…

with sneaky grin: can i have some…?

Like I said, I’m entertaining all offers. Do you have any shines of your own to offer, perhaps?


Hey, don’t try and trick me!

I suck at life okay? I don’t have anything good.

Well, I can’t just give it away for free… Are you sure you have nothing?

What point are you at in the game?

um…idk. I still haven’t beat the pokemon league because i suck at life.

I’ve run out of posts for my first day.

I have all 8.

I have a master ball lol

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What nature is the metang?

If it’s adamant and a premier ball, I’ll offer shiny timid cyndaquil (fast ball) and shiny delta adamant spider metagross (luxury) .

I can give you shiny aurorus for it lol