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Trading Shinys for other shinys

Trading Name: Azerty6464

Offer: Shiny Mismagius, Shiny Nosepass, Shiny Furfrou, and Shiny Hydreigon

Request: Any other shinys

Further info: I don’t care about ivs or evs.

I can give you a shiny Mismagius holding a IV stone for the shiny Mandibuzz

Sure! When is a good time?

Anytime your online

My timezone is EST

Got it. Can we trade anytime before 4:45?

Here is the pic of the mandibuzz

Are you online right now

trade name is kryptxnxte

Ok. I’m online. trying now.

got it?

yes tyvm

You’re welcome! Nice doing business with you.

I can give you a shiny magnemite for the mismagius.

That would be okay with me. When should we trade?

i can try my shiny sandshrew for shiny mismagius

Starryderp do you have any other shinies


it was a lucky find when i was grinding the the ancient ruins before the first gym

When should the trade happen?