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Trading shiny zangoose and sentret

Trading Name: Firefiber

Offer: Shiny Zangoose and Sentret

Request: Another random shiny ig.

Further info: Not really looking for anything in specific. I got 2 shiny sentret and 2 zangoose during my phases for shiny eevee. Lmk if you have any other offer.

What is the nature of the shiny sentrent?
I may offer for it

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I have multiple. Best one is Jolly. I also have an Adamant one iirc

Would you take a shiny mild clefable for it? You can pick which sentrent you want to give me

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Uh yeah. I’m cool with that. You ok with the Adamant one?

yes, trade name kryptxnxte

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Alr. Lemme hop on. One sec

My pc is havin a bad day. Gimme a few mins.

ok. online rn.

which tradname r u using

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also i dont wanna be skeptical but y is DrakeH2031 banned?

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I didnt get the ban lifted yet. And I don’t use that save much either sooo

lmk when you are online

try again i should be online

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try again i also prolly shouldnt do trades here lmao aas

Uhh got class lol

Will you be online in an hour or so?

eh, idk tbh, maybe?

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huh ok. If we can’t, I’ll be online for another 9 hours.