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Trading Shiny Nosepass

Trading Name: Adeptus

Offer: Shiny Nosepass…

Request: Taking any shiny

Further info:

Taking level 120 shiny magikarp?

Yes sure I’ll tell you when I’m available

Hey can you trade now?

im busy ready in about 10 mins

nvm im ready now. what shiny do u exactly want? cuz im not gonna give my magikarp. i might have some of the shines u want.

Shiny absol maybe?

I’ll send you request

Honestly just fine with anything. Your trading name is Sanz1280 right?

Yes it is.

Alright let me get ready wait.

Ok thanks

Ready now.

there ya go!

Wow tysm! I must give you sth else in compensation

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??? aight?

Hang on you might already have this but

Okay I sent you

??? wdym?

Trading request for a pokemon i want to give you for free

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