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Trading for a Delta Sunflorite (Mega Stone)


Trading Name: uouo8

Offer: I can trade your pokemon back if you wish

Request: Any pokemon (can be a unown for all I care) that is holding a delta sunflorite

Further info: Hey there, I am collecting the mega stones and I have stumbled across one that now appears inaccessible to me. I know this mega stone can be found in the Pokepon machine, however, I was reading a forum post from the developer 1ofthe4rocketbros, that there is a potential glitch where if you get girafarig’s mega stone first, then that eliminates the chance to get the delta sunflorite. This would explain why I can’t seem to get it even after an extended period of time. If someone could trade me this stone, that would be great. Thanks!


are you wanting to keep all your mega stones because there is one I need


Not necessarily; yes I do want them all in the grand scheme of things, but if you need one I can trade it to you. I have all of them except the 3 that are unobtainable as of now (Reuniclus, Houndoom, and Aerodactyl), Jirachi, and Delta Sunflora.

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