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Trading anything I have for a delta combee

Trading Name: Mokh

Offer: Anything I have

Request: Delta Combee

Further info: I really need help because the route 9 hidden grotton is bugged on my save and doesn’t have pokemon no matter how long I wait, woudl be reaaaally appreciated if you took the time to trade me a delta combee I need to complete the pokedex, I’ll offer back anything I can help with :slight_smile:

I will be able to trade one to you real soon. Just have to hatch an egg. My trade name is TailsFx.

Thank you so much! Just let me know when you’re available

I’m available right now.

Hey sorry I wasn’t on then, I should be online for a couple of hours now, and then a couple of hours like 6 hours later
I’ll keep trying to trade you to see if you’re on

Well, it’s been 5 hours. Just reply once you are able to trade again.

I’m here!

Alright, let me boot up the game… and the Pc

Okay let me know when that’s done I’m here

Ok, sorry if this takes a while. I’ve having some battery problems lately and it’s just… not really starting up.

No worries, thank you so much for helping, let me know if you manage to make it work I’ll be around

Alright, hopefully it works in the next couple of minutes.

Ok, it is very laggy, but I think it can work. My trade name is TailsFx. I’ll be sending a request.

Thank you sooo much! :))

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