Trading and Values Questions

Alright so recently I’ve been looking more at the trading aspect of this game and have thought of a few questions that I would be happy to have answered:

  1. What is/are the basic currency/currencies used for trading? I’ve found that IV stones and Heart Scales seem to be big ones but if there’s anything I’m missing, I would be happy to have that pointed out.

  2. What are those currencies worth? What can you get with an IV stone or Heart Scales?

  3. What (in IV stones) is an average shiny worth? What is a cheap one priced at vs an expensive one?

  4. How much are pokemon with good egg moves bred onto them worth on average?

  5. How much is the average 6 IV pokemon worth?

  6. How much is an average Delta worth?

That’s it for now but I may add more depending on new question I may have!

1. IV stones, heart scales, 5IV or 6IV pokemon with egg moves, pokemon with IVs for specific hidden power, shinies, EV training services, megastones, deltas, mystery gifts, 5IV/6IV dittos etc. A few people consider pokerus or synchronizers as a trading currency but most people who trade frequently or semi-frequently consider it worthless/free unless you want a different natured synchronizer. Very rarely, things like destiny knot, competitive items, evolution stones, and other items do get traded and other than the destiny knot, not worth much if anything.

2 and 3. It really depends on the you and the person you’re trading with. Different people have different preferences. For example, I’ve traded a single IV stone or a 5IV pokemon with HA for shinies, because that was all the people requesting them wanted even when more stuff was offered, but I’ve also seen shinies being traded for up to 10 IV stones.

4. Same as #2 and it mostly depends on the people trading and the amount of chain breeding and breeding for hidden powers involved, though on an average, each get traded 1-2 IV stones or 2-3 heartscales the most. Or 3-4 of them for a shiny/delta/megastone.

5. Same as #2 again, though it’s more on the worthless side of the scale especially if you already have IV stones or 6IV dittos. The exceptions are pokemon which can’t get any eggmoves through breeding, legendaries, delta pokemon and sometimes shinies.

6. Same as #2. I’ve seen them being traded away for free because the person trading them don’t like them or some similar reason. They’re also traded for shinies depending on their natures. Though the delta starters without the mega stones and the deltas found in the hidden grottoes are the least worth since it takes about 5 minutes to get the starters and grotto deltas are pretty much unlimited.

tl;dr: The value of everything depends on you and the person you’re trading with.

Thank you for your help!