Trading and game news questions

Is it possible to trade between saves for the purpose of catching them all?

Also, will all the moves have animations in this? I know a major issue with Pokemon essentials is it’s lack of animations for moves.

i don’t know about the moves :stuck_out_tongue: you might be able to find some if you do a little research online, there must be move animations somewhere

You can’t trade with yourself directly BUT, you can trade between your saves using a “middleman” so to speak, alot of players use Discord for setting up trades and whatnot :slight_smile:

I have traded with my brother (some time ago), which means you can trade with yourself as long you use different computers. I’m not really sure if this still works since I think that after a recent update I read that you are not able to trade if the two computers share the same IP Adress.

That seems kind of lame, what happens if you want to trade with someone locally? Like a sibling, or a visiting friend? Are you just SoL?

I’ll try it tomorrow to check if it still works. Probably not as I said.

Do you want to trade some pokemon? I have a Graveler and I want to evolve it, my nstrong textame is joseeag:grin:

there is a person that will evolve trading pokemon for free in the black market