Trading a shiny gigalith

Trading Name: THeboiboi

Offer: Shiny gigalith hardy nature

Request: Other shinies, as long as they dont have extremely hindering natures like timid on snorlax

Further info:nope

do you want a shiny rapidash lamo :wink:

no, i traded that with you lamo

it was a joke



I don’t suppose you’d take IV Stones for it?

i can give 15 iv stones for it

not a chance, sry. CC is a pretty reliable source of everything competitve related in insurgence


gives 100 iv stones


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I have a Hasty Shiny Emolga, but that’s probably worthless haha

Can you send a pic regardless?

One sec

Sorry, not interested, thanks for showing me the emolga tho

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wdym and why tf did you not let this die

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