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Trade to other save file

Trading Name: WheresSloppy



Further info: I’ve got a delta Cyndaquil I would like to transfer to my other save file, would really appreciate help

If you’re around I can help?

Trading Name: M3ssi117

Sorry, I’d already gone to sleep at that point because I needed to be up early :joy:. Let me know when you’re available and we can sort something :+1:

No worries, I’m around now and for the next few hours if you’re available at any point.

I’m available now if you are?

Sure am

Ok, ready when you are :blush:

Thank you, I’ll just get over to the other save file now :blush:

Sure thing, let me know when you’re ready :slight_smile:

I’m ready :blush:

Thank you, really appreciate the help, sorry for the nidoran :joy:. It’s a new save file and I’m running a delta rain team

No worries, actually didn’t bother to get one for the Nidoqueen line so that’s a free 3 pokemon to the dex haha. Enjoy

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