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Trade thunderous?

ill trade thunderous for something that can help me with te elite 4…might chuck giritana in

(Btw, this would go under the trade category)

Also, “something that will help u w the E4 is pretty general” please be a little more specific about what you want (ex: SpA attacker, solid Def, etc)

Is this for the first time or rematch of the elite four? I will happily trade you a bulked out Milotic (from my experience, Mega Milotic helps out a ton whether it’s the first run through or the rematches)

yes it is first run through but can you put something else in…so I don’t get ripped?

Yep no problem, what would you like added on? (Mega stone is easy enough to acquire so I’ll be keeping mine). Also nothing to fear, as the screen just before accepting the trade should confirm the HP and Def investment.

what you want me to add on?