Trade help

Can someone quickly help me evolve my Haunter? It’s really crap at the moment and i don’t want to wait until helios city

There is an old Lady in the Helios Black Market that can evolve Trade-Pokemon.

I said i don’t want to wait until Helios City because im only at the 2nd gym and my haunter is really weak

oh sry,my bad. I can trade with you right now

Ok thanks my username is OmegaDrag0n tell me when you’re about to trade i just have to go catch something bad, new save file lol

wait why did i say that its an evolution lol anyways il trade you whats your trading name

My trade name is Snuewks. Trade in 1 min


trade in 10 sec

go in 5 sec


no problem, enjoy your haunter! :slight_smile: