Trade for kyogre

Trading Name: cantamer

Offer: nearly anything

Request: kyogre

Further info: i just need the kyogre to catch rayquaza. if you want it back after that, i’m okay.

I’m willing to trade a Kyogre, but by “nearly anything” what do you have to trade for it exactly? as long as you give my Kyogre back, make something that seems fair please.

i can trade you a modest delta hydreigon if you want

I would love that, alright deal, My trade name is "TheDevilsApprentince" Sorry if you heard me ask your trade name, i made a typo

ok just wait a little bit i already have the d.hydreigon just gonna breed me a spare one

it says that you are not online

Im going online right now, but note im going to take a screenshot

I sent you a request.

what do i do with a request? sorry never done this before

Type my Name in the trade.

Thanks just make sure to return it once you obtain Rayquaza.

ok im ready.

1 minute please, thank you

btw could you also help me with evolving my delta phantump

sure, but its better off you go to the witch doctor at the black market, she can evolve it.

yeah nvm i evolved it. ok im ready for trade

im online now

send another request, it can be buggy sometimes

What did you cancel it for?

Just send another request please, sorry for that.

it bugged out and couldn’t select anything

idk why thats happening

its ok now