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Trade for Deltas

Trade closed.

I can trade delta bulbasaur and d. Squirtle in a bit if you want

Cool, I do need them. What do you want in return?

would an iv stone be ok?

Yeah I could give two IV stones

sorry I might take a bit, I’m kinda a bit lost in holon :rofl:

I went in to get d. hoothoot and now I’m a bit stuck xD

Oh it’s ok take your time. Tell me when you are ready :slight_smile:

delta Bulbasaur is ready, my trade name is sqiddy747

sorry about this but I’m going to have to breed another d. squirtle

Is it ok if I send in a lvl 1 swinub holding the iv stone?

anything will do :slight_smile:

Ok just a minute…

Ok I’m ready

ok I’ll send a req now


says you aren’t online?

No I am online

Should I be in a specific location?

no I don’t think so