Trade for Delta Charizardite

Trading Name: Xaree

Offer: Charizardite Y, Delta Charmeleon

Request: Delta Charizardite

Further info: Well… I take Delta Charmander as my starter, but i didnt noticed i change to purity mode later…

Sorry if I wrote something wrong… English isn’t my language

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I can trade you a delta charzardite. You can give whatever you want in return. You can buy as many as you want in the post-game so it’s no problem.

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Are you available now? I’ll take a look here every 30 minutes.

I’ll try to :wink:

I can give you a delta charizardite if you are willing to hold onto my team so that I can transfer them to a different save file


Are you online right now?


My eevee will be holding a delta charizardite so just take it off the eevee when I’m changing save files

It says you’re not online right now

Try now

I’m trying to trade you but nothing is happening

My game crashed, hold on
Whats your Trading name?

Mine is chub, yours is Xaree right?

Yeah, i think so ;O

It says you’re not online

Try now

Well… I think that shouldn’t load that much xD

I’ll try again

It says you’re not online either

Try now

I can send you a trade but I don’t think you are accepting because my screen is blank right now