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Trade for D. Bergmite

Trading Name: BM

Offer: Whatever you want

Request: D. Bergmite

Further info: I couldn’t catch Delta Bergmite due to not having pokeballs so I would like to trade for one


I happen to have a d bergmite what can u offer?

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What nature u want

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I have one. No payment required.

Ok, is there a specific time that you want to trade?

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In terms of Deltas I have Scizor, cyndaquil, solosis, liepard, and ambipom.

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Um… I sorta have a bug and cannot trade. But will give it to you for free when I fix the bug.

Ok thanks

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Oh i was gonna give it to you free of charge but i see someone else giving it to you :slight_smile: have a nice one

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Did you get if not my ID is Ashwin123 I am online now if u want.

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He said he will take mine.

Hey. Are you ready? I can trade you rn.

Hello? I can trade rn. Are you free?

Sorry I fell asleep I can get on now

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Ok. So I will trade in about 30 mins.

What’s your username


I am ready now.

The game closed when I tried to trade

Oh. Can you still trade.