Trade Delta Phantump to trade back

Trading Name: KOPX2

Offer: Delta Phantump

Request: Delta Phantump

Further info:Trade right back for evolved versoin

ok enter the game

ok ill go online now

whats ur online username


i cant open my save file anymore

Why? Is an error given?

your lucky is incredibly cool XD

"Script ‘SprteWindow’ line 220: RuntimeError occurred. filename is nil

Try to change it by the same one you downloaded from this version(file game.rgssad)

Why would you do that?

For testing I do not think anything happens

i cant find my 1.1.7 zip folder

1.1.7 what no just redownload

but i see graphics/icons without 17 subfolders

Just redownload the game. trust me

If you’re on windows, the save files will still be there

ok i hope using the launcher is ok

man this is taking forever just for a delta Trevant

the fails