Trade (Can't think of any name)

Trading Name: Gustavo12231

Offer:6IVs HA Torchic or 5IVs Carvanha with waterfall


Further info:Giving those two to help New Players (You don’t actually need to be new)

I’ll trade with you! This is game is turning out harder than expected.

Trading name: Javis

Sorry for making you wait i was in school are you online?

It’s ok I have school too. I actually just finished for the day. So I’m ready whenever you are

Do you want the torchic or the carvanha? i forgot to say carvanha have its HA

Preferably the torchic

Thank you! I really do appreciate it!

ok going online right now

i was putting the wrong name

Done the torchic trade

can i have the carvana in that case (what lvl cause my bulbasaur is lvl 7)

Of course you can
carvanha is lvl 1

oh cool can you trade now

Yes, im going online now

my trade name is Lapras yours is Gustavo12231 (i put that here so it will be easy 4 me to see)

on ur go

im already online just need to do the trade

oo tyvm

Done the two trades

tysm :smiley:

What does that mean?
(Sorry i am brazilian)