Trade Backs Please

Trading Name: Zyr0TruthExists and ZyroTruthExists

Offer: Nothing

Request: Just Trade them back

Further info: Hello, I am in need of someone to trade 4 mons to, but i need them back. I have nothing major to give you, except a Mega Delta Zard. I am trading between save files, and have no other way. Please help me!

you can use someone in the black market in helios city who will evolve trade-only pokemon without trading

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I am trading between files and need help. I will edit that right now. Sorry!


Going to bed, if anyone needs to contact me i will message you as soon as I wake up (in about 5 hours)

are you willing to help me? I can also throw in a delta Zard Stone.

You should join the Discord channel to get help for this. People should do this free of charge!

i Don’t have Discord. Sorry!

Download it?

It is the easiest way to find someone to get help with your issue.