Total noobie questions

Been playing, really enjoying it so far - but I have some complete noob questions (I’ve actually never played a pokemon game before!)

  1. What happens when all your pokemon die? I got teleported back to the heal place, but did I lose anything, like money or experience or progress?
  2. What’s the best strategy to catch pokemon? I know that if they’re weaker that’s good, and if they are asleep that’s also good, but are there specific HP thresholds at which they’re easier to catch, or should I just go as low as possible? Also what’s the difference between the different types of pokeballs (specifically, what’s a premiere ball?)
  3. What’s a mystery gift? I saw it in the menu, clicked it, and it said something about picking up a gift from a deliveryman, but I have no idea where that is in game.

Thanks! I know these probably seem really obvious, but I just have never played a pokemon game before!

Hello, Don’t worry everyone startes somewhere.

  1. When all your pokemon faint the only thing you lose is a small percentage of your money.
  2. Best strat to catch pokemon would be to bring the wild pokemon’s HP down to red then paralize it or make it go to sleep (i prefer paralize because it never goes away while sllep only lasts a max of 5 turns). Also all balls have different effects and should say in the description but a basic rundown of the most common balls would be Pokeball (normal catch rate) Greatball (higher catch rate than pokeball) ultraball (Higher catch rate than the great ball) and masterball (100% catch rate) Other balls just have special effects like catching specific types such as water or bug (net ball) and the primere ball from personal experiance seems to work better on static encounters (encounters that you find when the pokemon is just standing still and you need to go talk to it).
  3. A mystery gift is just that, a gift that is a mystery, you need to connect to the internet but itys usally something like a rare pokemon or a rare item, also the delivery guy is in every pokemon center dressed in green and is male.

I hope this helped -LiL fegg

  1. You don’t lose any money or experience if I recall correctly.

  2. Snore Balls, if you’re late game, put pokemon to sleep when they fail. Follow up with an ultra ball, timer ball, dusk ball, or etc. If it’s a delta you’re after, use delta balls and ancient balls for legendaries and mythicals. Of course, make sure to weaken the pokemon with false swipe. A premiere ball is a reskin of a basic pokeball, given when you buy 10 or more of any pokeball at once. Most of the game’s Pokeballs are from the main series games. Here is a list of them and what they do.é_Ball#Types_of_Pok.C3.A9_Balls. The game also has some special balls. Snore balls, as a mentioned puts pokemon to sleep for 1 turn in they fail, ancient balls have a better rate against legendary pokemon and delta balls have a better rate against delta pokemon.

  3. Mystery Gifts are hand picked gifts given by the devs to all players connected online for a certain timeframe. These can range from key items, to mega stones, to shiny and delta pokemon. The current one is a delta munchlax and a book of leaves. Pick it up from a man in green in any pokemon center after selecting the option from the main menu.