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Torchics for trade

Trading Name: sqiddy747

Offer: 1 hidden ability Torchic and many, many normal ones. All of them have 31 ivs in every stat, apart from sp. attack

Request: 1 iv stone for each torchic

Further info:

I’m definitely interested, hidden ability preferred, but alright if not. Im not sure at the moment, but i believe i have an adamant ralts i can trade (I can hunt for adamant ditto later today just in case)

my trading name is same as on here

ok. sorry, I already just traded away hidden ability one, but can get you an adamant one, however, it is still in an egg so you would need to hatch it. As I can’t really prove it has good ivs, you can have it for free

I promise the ivs are good

No biggie, I have a small stockpile of dream mists anyway. Awesome! adamant egg works great, I’ll be able to hop onto the game in a like an hour and a half.

u see, I kinda live in the uk and its nearly ten already so can’t really trade that late sorry

can you trade now?

ah, yeah i can see how thats a bit of a problem haha. Unfortunately I won’t be able to get my computer with the game installed until then, but I’m certainly in no rush and can trade tomorrow when it’s convenient

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