Title on piano

Hey I looove the music in this game and I really want to learn to play the title theme on piano. Has anyone figured it out, or could direct me to a video?


This isn't my video, but it's one I found on YouTube. He also has other songs from the game's sound track on his channel.

Thanks, I was more looking for a piano tutorial, but thanks. I was just wondering if anyone knew where a piano tutorial was.

Boooo, at least link to here https://mrsinger186.bandcamp.com/

Thanks deukhoofd. That the producer of the music on the game? I gotta congratulate him, he did great. Maybe I’ll see if he can post a video of him at least playing some of the music on piano.

hey iv made a score for the title screen for piano reply if u still want it

I want the score for the title screen for piano. Thanks a lot if you actually have it.

I would also like the score please. Thank you so much!