Timid nature glitch?

Maybe Lady Luck was just f**king with me but while I was in Victory Road, I captured several Slakings - I didn’t count but I think it was about 7 or 8 - and all of them had a Timid nature. Eventually I caught a Timid Electrode (which also kind of annoyed me because Electrode’s already so fast that it doesn’t need the Timid nature speed boost) and the Slaking I caught after that had a Careful nature instead. Why was every single Slaking I caught Timid until after I caught the Electrode?


you would have a pokemon with synchronise on you team?
and specificaly with a timid nature on it?


or just luck


I must have had a Synchronise Pokemon. Unless there actually is a glitch, that’s the only explanation. I didn’t know that Synchronise did anything outside of battle until after I wrote the complaint.