Thoughts on team for elite 4

So I just reached the elite 4 and wanted to know what people thought of my team, and possible changes to make to the team.
D.Venusaur:leftovers/d.venusarite: psychic, calm mind, energy ball/shadow ball, and moon blast
D.Gardevoir:choice specs/d.gardevoirite thunderbolt, thunder wave, calm mind, and ice beam
D.Haxorus:life orb: heavy slam, aqua tail, swords dance, and crunch
D.Bisharp:d.bisharpite/life orb: power up punch, aerial ace, thunder punch, blaze kick
Spiritomb:spiritombite/choice band/scarf: knock off, shadow sneak, zen headbutt, will-o-wisp
D.Hydreigon:choice specs/life orb hyper voice, flamethrower, earth power, and dragon pulse/dark pulse

I still have some grinding, and ev training to do on most of them so it will be a bit before I try the elite 4.

Edit: I have beaten the league, with a good bit of difficulty, So I will definitely completely rework it for rematch, especially with all the holon deltas, and new megas plus primals in postgame that will become available.

Blaze kick isn’t really necessary. I use drain punch and don’t use PUP but you should change blaze kick for drain punch

Pup is for when it is mega, and technician boost, plus boosting the attack stat, also I beat the elite 4 without too much trouble anyways

Oh yeah I don’t typically use mega. I just use expert belt

The mega is decent, it has decent speed, but still gets out sped rather easily by mons that can kill it easily due to poor sp.def. However, it is great for slower more bulky mons, who end up hitting its more powerful physical def

If you were to choose a Mega Evolution, I would recommend D.Venusaur. I would use a more defensive spread being 240 HP / 244 Def / 24 Spe with Bold nature of possible. Against the Elite Four, Energy Ball is more effective than Shadow Ball.

I would recommend using Choice Scarf on Delta Gardevoir with a set of Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Moonblast and Earth Power. This set is more effective against the Champion and the many Dragon types in the Post-Game.

Not having Aqua Jet on Delta Haxorus is kinda dissapointing, but Bullet Punch is a fine alternative. Priority is always good on this Pokémon. If you don’t have Heavy Metal as your ability, I suggest you run Iron Head instead of Heavy Slam because D.Haxorus is surprisingly light. The rest of the set is decent in mu opinion.

Delta Bisharp, without Mega, can struggle a bit. I would recommend Gale Wing Talonflame if you are looking for a Flying type wallbreaker. Dragonite, Salamence or Gliscor are also good ones. Delta Bisharp is still good nonetheless.

I recommend you choose another Pokémon than Spiritomb if you don’t pick the Mega. Other Ghosts or Dark can proove to be superior, like Aegislash, Gengar, Tyranitar or Greninja.

Delta Hydreigon looks nice. Surf could also be an option if you want.

I really recommend you get a Taunt user to beat Kyla. I always say Gyarados is the best, but you can manage with Gengar, Trace Gardevoir, Poison Heal Gliscor, Salamence or Gale Wing Talonflame. Talonflame in particular can beat Blaziken and can also manage with the Cusom Move [Grass].

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