Thoughts on my team?

Not all components have been reached yet but I will get there eventually. For now, this is the team I’m approaching. All will be max IVs and max level when I’m done hopefully [don’t worry I’m going to have a back up team for fun story playing when the update comes out].

Slot 1: Aegislash (will hopefully get shiny through pokepon eventually)
EVs: 255 in Attack and HP
Ability: Stance Change
Item: Leftovers

  • Sacred Sword (for heavy damage)
  • Swords Dance (for big attack buff)
  • King’s Shield (for defensive priority)
  • Shadow Sneak (to hit ghosts and for offensive priority)
    The priority moves are to switch its form to minimize damage taken and maximize damage dealt

Slot 2: Klefki
EVs: None but oh well
Ability: Prankster
Item: Leftovers

  • Spikes (for set up)
  • Foul Play (heavy damage)
  • Mirror Shot (only steel attack it can get right now)
  • Play Rough (fairy stab)
    He’s only really on the team for dragon counter

Slot 3: Hydreigon
EVs: Also none
Ability: Levitate
Item: Life Orb or Leftovers (not sure yet)

  • Roost (once the TM is available, for healing obviously)
  • Dragon Pulse (for dragon stab)
  • Crunch (for dark stab)
  • Work Up (for attack buffs)

Slot 4: Delta Noivern
EVs: 255 in Attack and HP
Ability: Natural Cure
Item: Life Orb

  • Leaf Blade (for grass stab)
  • Boomburst (for CRAZY damage)
  • Flash Cannon (for steel stab)
  • Roost (to recover from life orb)
    He is here for quick huge damage. He’s a glass cannon essentially.

Slot 5: Carracosta
EVs: 255 in Defense and HP
Ability: Solid Rock
Item: Leftovers

  • Curse (to make him even tankier)
  • Aqua Tail (to counter fire types)
  • Rock Slide (to counter ice types)
  • Crunch (just for good damage really but now i think I’ll breed a new one with recover)
    His purpose is to be a complete tank and a counter to fire types [my teams weakness]

Slot 6: Delta Charizard
EVs: Scattered EVs
Ability: Spirit Call
Item: Delta Charizardite

  • Lunar Cannon (for EXTREME damage in new moon)
  • Dragon Breath (for dragon stab)
  • Shadow Ball (for ghost stab)
  • Confuse Ray (to confuse them obviously)
    He’s my mega.

Ok so I would like to know others people’s thoughts and if they have any recommendations for changing pokemon or items or moves etc. Thanks all.

I haven’t read very carefully, but most of your non-delta mons will benefit from smogon sets. Also for EVs, the best spread is 252 in one stat, 252 in another and 4 in the third. Hydreigon you might want to consider breeding to get other special moves. Delta Noivern has 255 in Attack, but has 2 special attacks. Why? Your delta charizard has dragon breath instead of dragon pulse? Also there’s probably a better move than confuse ray to run on it.

Any examples/suggestions of set improvements? Dw about correcting the aegislash though because that set is what i use in competitve simulators and stuff and I’ve no reason to change it. I’m aware of the EV spread numbers, the only reason i have 255 on carracosta is because i accidentally over worked him in the EV trainer. And i’m not fussed enough to grind up the EVs on the rest of these guys.Ok i might look into what moves Hydreigon can learn. Noivern has the EVs there because i planned on him having different moves before realising he can have better, and i can only get one so i wasnt able to breed a new one. good point about delta charizard i’ll go relearn pulse. probably is a better move but I’ve found that if a pokemon can’t consistently hit D. Charizard then they can’t beat it because it’s such a powerhouse.