Thoughts on my new moon team

Delta Amoongus
careful 252hp/4Def/252special
dark rock

new moon
pain split
knock off

dark glasses/life orb
adamant 252att/6def/252hp

sucker punch
shadow sneak
foul play
(i was using him mega for majority of play through and too lazy to breed a new one but lemme know what i should do when i do that)

Mega Delta Typhlosion
timid 252SpA/6hp/252Spe
super cell/lightning rod
mega stone

thunder bolt/thunder
flash cannon
energy ball
Dark pulse/dazzling gleam

Delta Electivire
adamant 252att/6hp/252spe
shadow dance
focus sash

hone claws
Stone Edge
Earth Quake
Sucker Punch

Delta Milotic
calm 252hp/4spD/252def

Calm mind
Aura Sphere
Shadow Ball

Delta Roserade
shadow dance
timid 252Spe/4hp/252SpA
life orb

Lunar Cannon
Moon Blast

Probably gunna replace rosearade with D volcarona just havent progressed the story that far yet. I also think i like typhlosion on a rain team more and might replace him with volc instead

At a quick glance, I’m loving the team. I was also thinking of building a new moon team at some point but settled on a hail team.

Anyway, I personally would replace the delta typhosion instead of the delta Roserade (I also agree that he fits a rain team better). If you did replace delta typhosion, you’d have room for the mega spiritomb. Also, in my experience, Delta Roserade is a beast of a special attacker and I’d hate to lose that kind of power.

I looked at you’re defensive coverage if you’re team were: D. Amoongus, Spiritomb, D. Electrive, D. Milotic, Delta Roserade, and D. Volcarona. You’re team would have 4 members that are 2x weak to fairy. But, you’re team would also have a good amount of resistances and immunities. One of the other reasons I’d keep D. Roserade is for the immunity to dragon type.

Anyway, to make this post short, I’ll end it here. I really love the team you made and it makes me want to go back and build my own new moon team too lol.

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