Third poll for my challenge (closed)

So, I hate myself, I want to feel pain, Im going to do a 300 base stat nuzlocke, but Im gonna need to make it even harder on myself… or a little easier. Basically this poll will have things to make it harder (use only certain types, make it a certain kind of locke, no items, etc.) or easier (can use items in battle, can set it to easy mode, revives, etc.) and the best part is, you can pick the poison, or the antidote for me. (also everything is optional from now on, if there are no votes then it will be a nuzlocke with only 300 base pokemon).

The poison:

  • No items
  • Set
  • Deltalocke
  • Apocalocke
  • Hard mode*
  • Only 5 pokemon allowed on team
  • Can only use 6 types (will be a fourth poll if this is chosen)
  • Mystery challenge
  • Randomizer
  • No Deltas

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The Antidote:

  • Items allowed (will be used automatically if no votes on no items).
  • Switch (will be used automatically is no votes or no items).
  • Revive (will be fourth poll if this is chosen).
  • Easy Mode*

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Also I was thinking, should I allow first-form starters as an exception to the rules?

  • Yes, it would be difficult otherwise.
  • **No, you’re stupid for thinking this, it breaks the ingrained rules!

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If no one votes or it’s equal, It will automatically go with no.

***I should make some stakes, If I can’t even beat the first gym, should I up and leave the forum and discord Forever should I fail?

  • Yes, we hate you

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If there are no votes It will default to no.

*if neither get votes or if they get equal I will play on normal.

**I have a plan if no gets voted the most

***Not saying I hate this forum, I love this place.

This poll will close today at 7PM EST.

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Pokemon I will be able to use:

Gen 1:

-Nidoran (male and female)

I am now just realizing the impossiblity of the challenge I am undertaking. I can’t even use Abra! Abra is terrible!


Gen 2:

This is not looking well, Eevee is not good at all and I can’t use him. Also the starters teeter on the edge of 300 which is aggravating

-Sunkern (will be a great addition)
-Smeargle (will actually be a good addition… if I can get it.)

Can’t even use Smoochum…


Gen 3:

-Kirlia (first non-bug evolution : ( Not a mouth )
-Shedinja (it’s actually worse than nincada base stat-wise.)
-Wynaut (cuz Why not?)

Gen 4:


Gen 5:


Bruh, I can’t even use Sewaddle!


Gen 6:


That’s it… Pretty lackluster if you ask me. Also these do include the corresponding deltas as well. Also if there are any I missed make sure to tell me.

Just know that I accidentally voted on one of the things, so all of my votes (should I accidentally vote more) won’t count.

Look, I decided to make your life A ROTTEN MESS (I am kidding lmao) and I voted almost EVERYTHING THAT WILL MAKE YOUR PLAY THROUGH HARDER, MUAHHHHAAAAAHHHAHAHa, u see, I AM A BIT TOXIC SO I GAVE YA POISON! (u probably know that I just say this for fun, right?)

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Also, what game are ya gonna do the challenge? Insurgence? Reborn?

I voted. hehehehehehehehehehehe…


I think shedinja will save you from all the horror
and whynaut with focus sash too

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Im going to do Insurgence despite me playing Reborn, maybe, just maybe beating Reborn will toughen me up to the point of being able to get to the first gym in this terribly evil challenge I’ve made.

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It’s not looking good though, I don’t have many good choices. If I can get bidoof I will have coverage since it learns lots of TMs. If I get wynaut I can be cheap and use counter a lot. If I am allowed to get first form starters I might be able to beat the first gym. If I get smeargle I could actually have a chance because Smeargle is not bad.


Unfortunately after thinking about if for a while I’ve decided I can’t do a deltalocke, it’d be almost impossible to do with such a limited choice, maybe if I did a challenge I could do it, but most certainly not a nuzlocke.

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Shedinja wouldn’t be too bad, unfortunately he’d probably get killed almost right away.