Team to eventually take on the Devs

Rayquaza/Air Lock/White Herb/Dragon Ascent/Energy Ball/Ice Beam/Dragon Pulse
D. Reiniclus/Levitate/Leftovers/Stealth Rock/Shadow Ball/Will-O-Wisp/Unknown
Aegislash/Stance Change/Leftovers/King’s Shield/Swords Dance/Shadow Sneak/Sacred Sword
Nidoqueen/Sheer Force/Life Orb/Sludge Bomb/Ice Beam/Thunderbolt/Earth Power
D. Serperior/Multiscale/Leftovers/Aqua Tail/Coil/Unknown/Unknown
Spiritomb/Noctem/Dark Rock/Shadow Sneak/Will-O-Wisp/Sucker Punch/Skill Swap
Tips, moves to change, strategy, and yes I know I can technically sweep Deukhoofd with a Stunfisk

Looks good