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Team suggestions

Playing this game for the first time. Currently I’m on route 2 and my team consists of Delta Charmeleon and Marill. I’d like some suggestions as to what the rest of my team should be.

catch a Magnemite in Cyan Cavern and trade it for Delta Scizor after Suntouched City gym. Unless you have Huge Power, Marill is not a good pokemon imo. I won’t say why, but a good Bug-type or anything with good physical bug-type attacks is great endgame. Also, swap Marill for another water type, and I guess that’s all for right now.

The Marill has Huge power and Lonely nature. Even if it has that do you still think it should be swapped out?

…wow that is a great combo xD…don’t swap it out yet. Also, do you want to trade a bit? I can get you a good early game pokemon or two, I have some stuff I don’t want anymore

Sure. I have never traded in Insurgence before. How do I do it?

…Neither have I, and I have no idea. Be right back

press D to enter Dexnav, click on the 2nd of the 3 buttons on the right, register, then login, then tell me the exact username you used when you registered, my trading server name is the same as my name here

also, tell me before we trade, so that we can actually get it

Am about to send trade request now

what is your trade server username? include caps

Jabba. Same as here

…oh it’s party…I’ll give you my level 104 Shuckle, but only for your Delta Charizard

Nah. But I have a ton of marills in the box I can get if you have anything you don’t want. I spent way to much looking for a good marill

um, do you have anything besides Marill? Because I’m gonna maybe offer one of my Deltas

A ponyta and a nidoran (female) and a gastly

what is the Nidoran (Female)'s ability? I don’t want Rivalry


Also if you’re still near Midna town, do not miss out on the Elekid trade. Bug pokemon (Caterpie or weedle is a great trade) for it and it’s literally never left my team since I got it.