Team Suggestions

Please, can you suggest me the better team

My Team is formed by:

Delta Scyther
Delta Haxorus

And the other options are:

-Eevee-Mega with Garchomp
-Flygon-Mega with another pokemon (suggest me)

Be sure to keep D. Scyther as Scyther and do not evolve to Scizor as he needs the speed to be effective. For the remaining 2 spots, I would suggest Garchomp and Mega-Eevee. Garchomp’s Sand Veil ability can pair nicely with Tyranitar’s Sand Stream. Mega Eevee can help by offering several checks your team is missing, particularly Electric and Fairy for dealing with Water, Flying, and Dragon type pokemon.

Can you suggest me the Evs sets of pokemon? except Garchomp,and Blaziken i have already