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Team recomendations

Hi, just looking for recommendations on my team and changes I can make. I’m cool with switching anything but Eevee cuz I want the team to be built around it. I just got to Sannta city and my team consist of Eevee, Delta muk, Delta gardivoir, Delta snorelax, Delta aimpom, and delta scizor. What do you think I should change?

Replace Delta scizor with another fighting type, so regular Gallade, Lucario, etc. and later in the game you could replace them with a delta Bisharp if you really want it to be a delta.

Ok, any other recommendations for making a team around Eevee?

What are your Eevee’s moves?

Thunderbolt, Return, Flare blitz, and foul play

Hm. Nature/Ability?

mild and run away

Okay, so run away is a bad ability, so you’ll want to use an ability capsule to swap it to adaptability if you have one. If not, I think you can find them by exploring around some of the mid-game routes. Adaptability will double your STAB, so normal type moves essentially have 2X base power until you get into the weirdness that is mega eevee (assuming you don’t have the mega yet here because you didn’t state it).

Generally, Eevee is a physical attacker. However, with a mild nature, that becomes a bit less relevant, so your moveset is relatively fine.

In terms of teammates, you definitely want to prioritize a fighting counter, since that’s the only thing Eevee’s weak to. Fairy type would be ideal since it’s arguably the best type in the game, but Psychic and Flying would both also work really well. Bonus points if the pokemon has a secondary bug/poison typing so fighting moves are only 1/4 effective, but that’s a bit overkill. Non-Delta Gardevoir is probably the best fit for this role, because the Psychic/Fairy duo basically ensures super effective damage regardless of secondary typings, and it’s a good mon.

That’s my main advice. The rest of your team kinda depends on what Pokemon you pick as your fighting counter, with you wanting to pick pokemon that counter each other’s weaknesses. Do think about which pokemon you want to lead with though, and consider setting some entry hazards early on. Eevee’s somewhat fragile, so maybe get a defender or two for emergencies, or try putting the foe to sleep/reducing speed/paralysis(which also reduces speed) so you can whale on the opponent better.