Team Ratings and Suggestions needed

So here’s my team:

1.Flygon@flygonite Ability:Levitate Moves:Bug Buzz,Ancient Roar,Dragon Pulse And Earthquake

2.D.Luxray@Life Orb Ability: Moves:Poison Jab,Earthquake,Iron Tail,Sludge Bomb

3.D.Charizard@Delta Charizardite Ability:Spirit Call Moves:Dragon Pulse,Ice beam,Shadow Ball and Sludge Bomb

4.D.Roserade Ability:Heliophebia Moves:Dark Pulse,Moonblast,Thunderbolt,Dazzling Gleam

5.Charizard Abilty:Blaze Moves:Flamethrower,Fly,Slash,Earthquake

6.D.Bisharp@Delta Bisharpite Ability:Defiant Moves:High Jump Kick,Cross Chop,Drain Punch,Sky Drop.

Ratings And Suggestions Needed.

(And also I’m not that good at selecting Pokes.I gave 3 Pokes Their Mega Stone for Different Battles with different trainers.)

First off, I’d change D. Roserade’s ability to Shadow Dance. Mega D. Charizard and D. Roserade make an awesome offensive core together since Mega D. Charizard has more raw power than Roserade does, and Roserade with Shadow Dance outspeeds all the things under New Moon. D. Charizard and Bisharp also make an awesome offensive core as well since Bisharp resists lots of types that D. Charizard doesn’t like taking and that +2 Sucker Punch deals obscene amounts of damage under New Moon.

That said, two of your Pokemon (Bisharp, D. Luxray) are weak to Ground, and two of your Pokemon (D. Charzard, Flygon) are weak to Ice. I’d recommend replacing normal Charizard for a strong Water-type like Feraligatr (who also has a Mega, if you’re into that), Starmie, or Azumarill. All three of them resist Ice and can eat a Ground attack or two.

I’d highly recommend replacing two Fighting moves on your Bisharp with Swords Dance, which it can learn via TM, and Sucker Punch, which can be bred to a Pawniard with Cacnea/Cacturne, which learns Sucker Punch in the low-mid 30s.

Other than that, your team looks pretty decent. Try deciding on one mega stone to use, then replace the other mega stones your Pokemon hold with Flygon Armor for Flygon and a Life Orb or Leftovers for Bisharp.

Thanks.I will change as u said. But my d bisharp iz a fighting+flying,so its immune to ground.

Oh, right. I thought it was normal Bisharp. So yeah, just ignore that last bit. haha