Team Rate time

I’ve changed my teams I don’t know how my any times and it’s starting to get on my nerves that I can’t find a good steady team. But I’ve come to terms that this is to be my final team before the E4. Mind, none are fully EV/IV trained.

D. Aggron Lv 90 Drought/Adamant/Life Orb Autotomize/Earthquake/Flare Blitz/Iron Head

D. Volcarona Lv 90 Timid/Levitate/Leftovers Aura Sphere/Dark Pulse/Hyperspace Hole/Spacial Rend

D. Gardevoir Lv 90 Lightning Rod/Modes/D. Gardevoirite Calm Mind/Ice Beams/Livewire/Thunderbolts

D. Venusaur Lv 90 Psycho Call/Modest/Leftovers Calm Mind/Moonblast/Moon Light/Psychic

Gyarados Lv 90 Moxie/Jolly/Life Orb Aqua Tail/Crunch/Dragon Dance/Earthquake

Tyrantrum Lv90 Rock Head/Adamant/Life Orb Dragon Dance/Ice Fang/Iron Head/Outrage

I would suggest swapping out Flamethrower on Aggron for nearly any physical Fire move. You have a nature which reduces Special Attack and Aggron’s Special Attack is pretty bad.

Spacial Rend is a cool move but actually provides horrible coverage. Dragon type moves are generally terrible on non-Dragon types because they only hit one thing super-effectively. I think you should put Sludge Bomb or Sludge Wave on it because it’s strong, reliable STAB which is more powerful than Spacial Rend.

If possible, I would go with Fire Fang or Earthquake + Stone Edge + Outrage as your 3 attacking moves on Tyrantrum. Rock STAB is great neutral coverage and you need something to hit Steels.

What is a good Physical Fire attack to put on Aggron? I’m still Pre-E4 so I don’t have access to all the TMs yet or move tutors.

Sludge wave it is on Volc.

Also,will redo Tyrantrum.

Anything else you see wrong? This way I don’t get fucked over.

I don’t know what Delta Aggron’s moveset is, but if you have a Heart Scale you can go to the move relearner to see.

Just for the lolz, could always go Self-Destruct or even Heavy slam. Those are the only other good physical moves he gets via lvl up anyways.

Also notices I put Flamethrower when it knows Flare Blitz. I feel stupid.

Actually, I would change out Outrage for Dragon Claw on Tyrantrum probably. I know Outrage is 50% stronger but I don’t think being locked into it is good when you’re boosting your speed and attack because if you get locked in vs a steel or fairy then your sweep ends, but with dragon claw you can still switch up moves and continue to do lots of damage. Otherwise, you might consider putting a choice scarf on your delta volcarona. Right now you basically have all setup mons but you have very little immediate speed, so it’s very easy for an opposing Pokemon to outspeed your whole team.

If you could change the team, what would you change? Trying to get input on different battle types since I’m more of a tank/tanky player in just about every game I play LOL.

Those were all the changes. Your team isn’t bad as it is, I don’t think you need drastic changes.

Aggron: physical fire move

Delta Volcarona: Sludge Wave over Spacial Rend and then Choice Scarf

Tyrantrum: Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, rock move, Earthquake/Fire Fang