Team going forward (In game)

Hi! My first playthrough on hard, so far no real problems.

I have “decided” on a team for now with decent pokemons, but my worries about the E4 and other stuff is heavy for now. (A friend told me this game is kinda hard, so preparation is always good).

I’ve been rolling with:
1: Eevee (Liked the Mega Eevee Sprite and decided to roll with it, but I have no idea how to setup this pokemon. I remember reading somewhere that the special moves you get is in Helios City? )
2 : Gyarados (Saved my ass with Dragon Rage in a lot of occasions, but I’m down to change it for another pokemon later. It’s one of the candidates to swap out)
3 : Lilligant : Really like this pokemon for a Grass Type, with Quiver Dance/Giga Drain/Sleep Powder, I think the set is pretty ok. Tell me if it’s kinda weak.)
4: Haunter: Planning on a Gengar with some standard moveset that I used in official games. Is it good? Any recommendantions?
5: Excadrill: I liked this pokemon, people said it is decent. I’m down for both a moveset recommendation or a pokemon to swap it for it.
6: Delta Gardevoir: I really wanted to keep this one, so a move set suggestion would be awesome.

I know I asked for a lot, but I’m not really knowledgeable about pokemon specially with all the new gen changes, I kinda stopped playing pokemon with B/W, since I do not own any new DS’es that were released. Thanks ahead for any replies!

edit: I was also thinking of getting a Delta Litwick and replacing excadril, Gengar or Gyarados, what you guys think? It would give me a Fairy and Fire type pokemon, immunity to dragons that I think I have a problem right now in the deal heading forward, but who I would switch to?

  1. The is an old woman sitting on a bench in Helios City that move tutors Eevee specifically and prevents it from evolving if it knows any of the moves. There is also another Eevee specific move tutor in Gaea Town which is late game that has better moves in my opinion. It isn’t a bad choice, but Mega Eevee can be played like a standard eevelution and almost has to be played hyper offensive (all attack moves) and not a cleric/stall mon.

  2. Gyarados is certainly a good option, but you are probably going to have to rely on Aqua Tail as your main damage dealer as I am unsure if Waterfall was added to the game. Delta Haxorus is a very good alternative though and can be caught once you reach Miara Town. Base 147 atk with access to priority moves in Aqua Jet and Bullet Punch while learning Swords Dance by level up is really powerful.

  3. Lilligant seems fine. I would probably recommend substitute as your fourth move.

  4. Gengar is a good option as it still has levitate here.

  5. Excadrill is good but it really shines as a sand sweeper due to sand rush to double its speed. For that reason it pairs really well with Tyranitar, which is even better in this game because of Tyranitar armor which makes it stupidly bulky. A good moveset is Iron Head (move tutored in Kepler City gym), Earthquake, rapid spin (you are going to want a hazard remover for the elite 4), and Swords Dance.

  6. Delta Gardevoir is a pretty popular choice. The standard moveset is Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Live Wire, and either Calm Mind for setup or Moonblast as coverage.

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Thanks for the suggestions!
Should I get a Tyranitar or substitute Excadrill for another mon?