Team building suggestions

Hi I’m fairly new to Insurgence so any help building a team would be welcome, I currently have two badges so future and current builds would be appreciated, Also if anyone would be willing to explain EVs and IVs I would be thankful for a quick walk through thanks for your time and help

get a nidoran male with poison point. its is pretty good. lvl 16 is when it evolves and go to suntouched city and go to the bottom left part of the city to get a moon stone from a guy. you can get a nidoking before the first gym.

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EVs- look here for a simple-ish explanation:
IVs- look here for a simple-ish explanation:

Disclaimer: these links go more in-depth than I remember, so if it’s still confusing, please ask and I’d be happy to break things down further for you!

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what about after that point?

well, where are you now?

helios city in the jade tower, between level 40-50ish with a yevetal through trade d. charizard, eletabuzz, typhlosion, kadabera, and a gogoat.

You can evolve kadabra through the witch doctor. The witch doctor can evolve pokemon that can evolve through trade through the conditions. She is in the black market. You can probably mega evolve, right? You can get the typhloshinite in sonata city for a trade with a druddigin evolve electibuzz with the electrizer then talk to the witch doctor. The 3rd gym leader revolves around the dragon flying types. He starts off with skarmory with toxic, spikes, and stealth rock with whirlwind. typhlosion would be good.