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I am new to this forum but I need your guys to help me.

Just started a new adventure on Insurgence and just beat East again (normal mode darker stoy, no challenges).

This is my team rn, but I’m not sure about my mons, because I think they will be weak in the upcoming story, and I like to try something new, but find it difficult to match a good team.

So here it is:

Gengar lvl 42- Quiet Nature,

  • Hypnosis
  • Dream eater
  • Shadow Ball
  • Venoshock.

Rhyperior (just new :slight_smile: ) lvl 43, Sassy

  • Drill Run
  • Stone Edge
  • Chip Away
  • Hammer Arm

Archeops lvl 43 Naughty

  • Acrobatics
  • Crunch
  • Endeavor
  • Rock throw (idk might remove later)

D. Venusaur (ugly overpowered beast) lvl 44, Timid

  • Calm Mind
  • Leech Seed
  • Psychic
  • Draining Kiss

Sharpedo lvl 41 naughty (is getting weak at this point of te game…)

  • Crunch
  • Poison Fang
  • Ice Fang
  • Aqua Jet

Magneton lvl 43 Bold nature

  • Flash Cannon
  • Discharge
  • Thunder wave
  • tri attack

I have some other pokemons in the computer which I like but i doubt if I want to use them. these are: Nidorina (I may get it into Nidoqueen), D. muk, Durant and a Marowak.

I don’t care about Natures, so don’t make it yourself to difficult on giving hints :slight_smile:.

So my favourite type is Poison, but I think Gengar has already taken that place…

I’ve used the Armored Tyranitar, delta haxorus, delta gardevoir before and want to try something new.

Tips on Fire, water or grass pokes would be very nice!!

Thanks for helping! (sorry for my English, I am dutch)

I suppose it depends on what kind of team you want to make. Are any of the members must haves? Who is safe to switch out? Are you building around Gengar?

Hypnosis isn’t really good on Gengar unless you are running like a substitute+hex set. Before that I would recommend taunt, which can be picked up on route 6. Substitute can be picked up in the next town though. Hex can be move tutored onto it regardless of level if you have a secret base and the move re-learner.

As for fire types. I can’t recommend Delta Vespiqueen enough. Just soft reset the route 9 hidden grotto until you get a female one. Delta Chandelure is also a good option, but you can only get it after beating the next gym leader. Volcarona is pretty good too.

Grass types I would heavily recommend Delta Snorlax. You can also get a hidden ability Amoonguss from the friend safari. You also get the mega stone for Cacturne in Ultaria as well.

Water types don’t have many delta’s at this point outside of Hax. Delta Ludicolo is kinda meh. You could go to the firend safari and pick up a hidden ability Slowbro/Slowking, Quagsire, Lanturn, Alomomola, or Gyarados. Cloyster, Blastoise, Starmie, Tentacruel and Kabutops all give access to rapid spin. Personally, I’m a pretty big fan of Milotic. Rotom Wash is also available after Kepler City.

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I personnaly don’t like Archepos. His ability is dertimental and his bulk isn’t the best. his weakness to Stealth Rock and to I suggest you switch him for another Pokemon, maybe your Grass or Fire Type.

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Keep Magneton, as it will evolve VERY soon.

I recommend trading for a Larvesta back in Roggan, as if you trade something around level 70, Larvesta could carry you through the next 3 gyms, if you really want to cheese gym 5 & 6, and maybe gym 8

I also don’t recommend having two rock types, because 1: both are weak to water, with Rhyperior being QUAD weak to Water AND Grass.
The abyssal cult uses WATER TYPES.

Hooh boy you aren’t gonna have a good time.
Does Magneton have Sturdy?

I agree with everyone else, switch the archeops for something else, probably a good grass type. Meganium’s got resistance to a few of the key typings (aka water/ground) that the Abyssal Cult uses, if you want a more defensive mon (I think chikorita is available by then if I’m not mistaken?). Or you could go with d. snorlax as it’s got a good atk moveset and good sp. def as well. Lapras or Vaporeon with Water Absorb might also be steady bets for a water mon to go against the Abyssal Cult.

I think the magneton could be instrumental in the next major battle you’re facing, so you should probably hold off on switching it out until after you’ve progressed.

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Haha I know about the weaknesses, i just like rhyperiors look! Might switch him out before the abyssal battles.

About Archeops, just wanted to try out a new pokemon i’ve never used.

What do you suggest as replacement?
Magneton has sturdy!

Thanks for the advice! Might try out that D. Vespiquen.

Well I just want to build a Nice team around a good poison type. It doesn’t have to be Gengar, but I’ve found gastly in early game so yeah…

That Cacturne might be a good idea as well! Thank you!

Ok, so I’ve used lapras before and like to try out Vaporeon. Thanks for the advice!

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Keep tri attack & Discharge, teach flash cannon, teach it magnet rise, as you get that soon.

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I recommend Volcarona, as it learns Giga Drain AND Solar Beam!
Personally, I would go for another Psychic type to replace Venusaur, but I can recommend Gallade, as it learns Leaf Blade & Earthquake by move reminder and TM respectively, but the Earthquake TM is gotten WAY after defeating Audrey.
Also Cacturne can mega evolve.

Only trouble about vulcarona is the time it takes with Larvesta… but he’s in. Gallade might be good back up. Am still Considering if I’d rather use cacturne or d. Snorlax.

Cactunre is better on sandstorm teams, but it can be ran as a mixed attacker.
D. Snorlax is slow but has phenomenal bulk. It also doesn’t eat up your mega slot.

If you are keeping the D. Venusaur it’s pretty safe to just keep that as your mega.

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D. Snorlax.

It learns EQ.

Also have it run a physical moveset.

If you get a beneficial + atk nature, or with thick fat.

Another question, is the larvesta level 59+?

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wait isn’t the encounter rate for D. Combee 100% Female?

Is it? Idk at this point. The last major playthrough I did was on version 1.2something. I’m still finding changes. I just remember having to reset a few times for a female one.

Wiki says it’s 100% female.