Team Build Help?

Well, I’m new to the forums and stuff, and I was also wondering how to strengthen my team because it’s very clearly bad, so I decided to make this. My team is harshly weak to fairy & fighting types, just so you know species - ability || item || moveset

Aurorus - Refrigerate || Lucky Egg (training it up) || Avalance, Aurora Beam, Nature Power, Ancient Power Delta Blastoise - Shadow Call (mega evolution = Mega Launcher) || Delta Blastoisinite || Return, Aura Sphere, Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse Delta Roserade - Heliophobia || Leftovers || Dazzling Gleam, Moonlight, New Moon, Lunar Cannon Haxorus - Mold Breaker || Leftovers || Custom Move (steel type), Dragon Claw, False Swipe, Slash Tyranitar - Sand Stream || Tyranitarite || Rock Slide, Payback, Crunch, Earthquake Flygon - Levitate || Flygon Armor || Fly, Bug Buzz, Earthquake, Drakon Voice

any suggestions are helpful

Hi there! Welcome to the forums :slight_smile: These are movesets meant to maximize attacking prowess, so tell me if you instead want more bulky/stalling kind of sets.

  1. Aurorus:

-I’m assuming your Aurorus is a special-attacking variant, so i would switch out Avalanche and Aurora Beam for Freeze-Dry/Frost Breath/Ice Beam + Thunderbolt/Psychic. I like Freeze-Dry because it’s super-effective against water types, while still retaining a superior ice STAB move. However, both Frost Breath and Ice Beam do have higher damage overall, so they may be better choices (pick Ice Beam over Frost Breath if you have access to both). T-bolt provides coverage for water types, while Psychic provides coverage against Fighting types.

-Also get Hyper Voice later on if you can, as it turns into a 100% accurate 1.3 x 90 = 117 Ice type base move (without STAB) for Refrigerate Aurorus.

  1. Delta Blastoise:

-Instead of Return, give it Nasty Plot, Vacuum Wave or Knock Off. You can also opt out Dragon Pulse to add in another one of those three suggestions. Nasty Plot boost Sp.Atk, which raises the power of all your current moves EXCEPT Return, while Vacuum Wave gives you priority to attack first when Delta Blastoise’s speed is low. Knock Off is a nice physical attack to get rid of opponents’ items.

-You might want to put New Moon on D. Blastoise instead of another move. Its better to have more than one set-up user of this move on your team.

  1. Delta Roserade

-Give D. Roserade Moonblast instead of Dazzling Gleam when you can get it. 95 BP > 80 BP.

-I would give Roserade Life Orb instead of Lefties. It’s not meant to take hits from opponents, and it can use all the extra power it can get.

Cont. in pt.2

Pt. 2

  1. Haxorus:

-I would switch it out for a Poison type. You already have a Dragon type in Flygon, and Poison types resist both Fairy and Fighting. I’d pick Tentacruel for its dual Water/Poison typing, good special defences to tank fairy hits, and a 135 BP power Surf move under New Moon. Scald is weaker, but it has a 30% burn chance. Acid Spray always lower the opponent’s Sp.Def by two stages (good stuff), and Sludge Bomb is great as a power Poison move. Rapid Spin is used to clear hazards on your side of the field, and I recommend Knock Off as a last move to take away opponent’s items and abuse New Moon.

  1. Tyranitar

-Switch this mon out for Hidden Ability (HA) Spiritomb. Tyranitar’s Sand Stream is counter-effective to New Moon, as Sandstorm will negate it. Spiritomb with hidden ability has Noctem, which is basically a free New Moon whenever it switches in. I would give it a bulky set with Pain Split, Will-O-Wisp, Knock Off and Phantom Force. I’d give it a Dark Rock to extend the duration of New Moon to 8 turns, but Lefties is also fine. Spiritomb also deals with Fighting types effectively.

  1. Flygon

-If you want, Switch out Earthquake for Earth Power. This makes it so that you can invest more EVs into Sp.Atk to do more dmg in general.

Happy teambuilding!