Team Advice?

Looking for some team selecting help, here’s what I have so far;

Delta Charizard

Shadow ball, Dragon Pulse, Sludge Bomb, Lunar Connon

Delta Roserade

Thunderbolt, Lunar Cannon, Moonblast, Dark pulse


Giga Drain, Glare, Leaf Storm, Dragon Pulse


Earthquake, Rock Silde, Muddy Water(changing as soon as I have access to waterfall/aqua tail) Hammer Arm


Zen Headbutt, Meteor Mash, Bullet Punch, Hammer Arm


Fiery Dance, Bug Buzz, Quiver Dance, Hurricane

All have maxed IVs and EVs with beneficial natures, but I’m considering replacing metagross and volcarona with Scizor and Blaziken/talonflame, suggestions?

Delta Charizard doesn’t need Lunar Cannon. Shadow Ball has pretty much the same coverage and does more because of STAB.

Oh, good point, I’ll switch it for frost breath for coverage. Thank you.