Team advice please :P

Ok, so I just finished the whole giratina fiasco and am training to fight the league. My team is : Delta Hydreigon Delta Gallade Delta Haxorus Delta Chandelure Delta Golem Now, for my last party member, Idk what to put, I want a bug type or at least coverage I guess :stuck_out_tongue: Pls help me lol

how about a spider delta metagross

Spider? I was thinking mega flygon, but that also sound attractive!

well it can mega evolve its a bug ground type it looks like a giant spider and it has pretty good sp attack and attack

Oh ok

Spider Metagross isn’t a good attacker. It’s main use is setting up Sticky Web, but Livewire does it better.

since when my has an atk stat 350

It’s outclassed by normal Metagorss or Ruin Metagross.

and were are you gonna get a ruin mettagros before the elite four

You don’t. But you can get the regular one.

point but he did say he wanted a bug pokemon actually you are correct I guess I forgot about mega seizor

Then use Mega Scizor instead. It has pretty much the same attack and better typing.