Switching mode by moving save files

Hey :smiley: Is it possible to move my main savefiles to somewhere, start a new savefile (a challengemode) and later switch the files for playing on the old files…?



Hi is there any way you can let me know how to do this? Thanks!

Do you know how to move save files? ^^ If no, I’ll search the thread for you…

Just move the saving files somewhere (like an USB stick)… And start the game without a saving file. Beginn a new game (I tried a randomizer) and if you wish to play on the old files, just switch the files (Put your new files in the USB, take the old one out… But pay attention, try not to mix them or delete one)

You can just simply rename the files to something of the content for that kinda purpose.

  • Example:
  • Nuzlocke save: Nuzlocke.rxdata
  • Randomizer save: Randomizer.rxdata

Then you can rename them later to the game needed format when used.

Which files do I have to rename? Game.rxdata?


Ehmm does it work with the "save_0_backup_1.rxdata"s? Rename them too?

If you want to rename them it term of tracking them later for which file, then yes.